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What is an unsupported region?
What is an unsupported region?
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If you find yourself looking at an error message that says you're in an unsupported region, it's letting you know that our gambling license doesn't allow us to offer betting in that particular region.

If you live in an unsupported region, we're sorry we can't offer you the excitement of betting on matches right now.

We're working hard to get licenses that will allow us to offer betting in more places. Esports teams have fans from all around the world, and we'd love to service as many of them as possible!

If you're just visiting an unsupported region, we can't allow you to take part in any activity that involves money while you are there. This means placing bets, depositing, and withdrawing are all disabled until you return to a region we support.

Here's a list of UNSUPPORTED regions:

  1. Afghanistan

  2. Algeria

  3. Angola

  4. Antarctica

  5. Argentina

  6. Austria

  7. Belgium

  8. Bosnia and Herzegovina

  9. Bouvet Island

  10. British Indian Ocean Territory

  11. Bulgaria

  12. Canada (except Ontario)

  13. Cayman Islands

  14. Cocos Islands

  15. Colombia

  16. Czech Republic

  17. Denmark

  18. Estonia

  19. Ethiopia

  20. France

  21. French Southern and Antarctic Lands

  22. Germany

  23. Greece

  24. Guam

  25. Guyana

  26. Heard Island and McDonald Islands

  27. Hong Kong

  28. Hungary

  29. Iran

  30. Iraq

  31. Ireland

  32. Israel

  33. Italy

  34. Japan

  35. Laos

  36. Libya

  37. Malta

  38. Myanmar

  39. Netherlands

  40. New Zealand

  41. Nigeria

  42. North Korea

  43. Pakistan

  44. Panama

  45. Papua New Guinea

  46. Poland

  47. Portugal

  48. Puerto Rico

  49. Romania

  50. Russia

  51. Saudi Arabia

  52. Singapore

  53. South Africa

  54. Spain

  55. Sweden

  56. Switzerland

  57. Syria

  58. Taiwan

  59. Turkey

  60. Uganda

  61. Ukraine

  62. United Kingdom

  63. United States

  64. United States Minor Outlying Islands

  65. Vanuatu

  66. Vatican City

  67. Yemen

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