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Introducing Quick⚡Combos!
Introducing Quick⚡Combos!
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Not too sure what to bet on? Don’t worry, we got you!!

Enter Quick Combos!⚡

Quick Combos are ready-to-go, pre-made combos you can bet on with a click of a button.

Our expert team of betting geniuses has crafted these combos to maximize the excitement out of the box. Or use them as a starting point to build your own combo!

Clicking on one of these combos will immediately add it to your bet slip. Just enter your stake and PLACE YOUR BET. Easy as that!😉

Quick Combos are only available pre-match and when all legs are accepting bets.

You will be able to Chicken Out 🐔 if it is available for the whole combo.


How do I win a Quick Combo bet?

Just like any combo you make, if all of the legs of the Quick Combo settle as a Win, you will get your payout! If one or more of the legs settle as a Loss, your Quick Combo will be a Loss.

Can I add or remove legs to a Quick Combo?

For sure! This bet is YOURS to customize further. You can add or remove as many legs as you want. Use it to get you started, or keep it as is if you like the bet!

One of my legs for my Quick Combo was cancelled. Is my bet still valid?

It'd follow the same rules as any combo you make! The final outcome would depend on the remaining bets. For example:

  • If any of the legs are cancelled and the result of the remaining legs is a loss, the bet will settle as a Loss.

  • If any of the legs are cancelled and the result of the remaining legs is a win, the bet will settle as a Win.

  • If all results in your Quick Combo end up being cancelled, the stake will be returned to you.

  • If there are any errors with the bet, corrections will be made, which may result in voiding the bet.

You can see our Betting Rules for more! Feel free to contact us through chat support for any questions 🙌

I am having issues placing this Quick Combo; what should I do?

It is possible that one of the legs is not available to bet on anymore.

Try refreshing and placing it again. If that still doesn’t work, please contact us.

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